Olam Russia


Olam Russia

Outspan International Ltd is the Russian subsidiary of Olam International, a leading global supply chain manager of agricultural products and food ingredients. The company opened its office in Russia in 2005 and since then, has become one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products to the food processing industry in Russia. The company also participates in sourcing of dairy products from other countries, in the former Soviet Union region.


Being a strategic partner for major local and international food industry brands, we supply cocoa beans and products, milk ingredients, green and instant coffee and offer all our customers reliability, consistency, trust, traceability, good logistics support and other value added services. We play a significant role in procurement of different grains from Russia. Olam has invested in a port based elevation facility in Azov. Olam has also acquired a packaging unit to service the private label market in Russia. Currently this unit supplies instant coffee to most of the large retail chains in Russia.

In early 2012, Olam acquired a 75% stake in Penza based company RUSMOLCO. RUSMOLCO has a robust dairy farming platform and together with Olam, will increase its involvement by investing in farm upgrades to international standards and the implementation of best practice farming programmes. Employing over 1,200 people, with 137,000 hectares of arable land and 8,000 milking cows over 3 modern farms – Olam’s long-term strategy includes developing the land to its full potential and increasing the milking cow population to over 50,000 cows.

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